Zug family information

Note: Of particular interest to descendants of Immigrant Michael Frantz, Willard Z. Francis authored Zug Family History (Genealogical Works of Michael Zug).

Zug per Willard Z. Francis

Zug/Zuck/Zouck/Zook by Harry D. Zook

Click here and scroll down three-quarters to find this excellent article (in Mennonite Family History) regarding Magdalena Zug and Michael Frantz II, researched by Dwayne Wrightsman.

Transcribed letter regarding Zug dated 3 Dec 1959

Letter to Mr. Francis from Laura M. Clarenbach dated 21 Mar 1960

Letter to Michael Zug dated 17 Apr 1880 (yes 1880)

Handwritten Zug and Frantz genealogy by Michael Zug or J G Francis

Michael Zug or J G Francis manuscript

Index of Graveyards Michael Zug’s Genealogical Records

Letter to Mr. Francis from Arthur Lacy dated 8 Dec 1936

The Zug Family by Charles Keller Zug III

Addendum to Ulric Zug Genealogy compiled by Michael Zug

Letter from John Hertzler additional info

Frantz and Zug in History of the Church of the Brethren

Ulrich Zug in Gladys Royer files

Zug in Gladys Royer files

Bachman in Gladys Royer files

Bachman resources

Musselman information

Musselman research notes

Letter from Mary Ann Fokken dated 7 Sep 1997

Lois Ann and Lemar Mast trip to Switzerland

Ulrich Zug L.D.S. Ancestral File

Assortment of Zug family information ~~ Possibly duplication of information previously documented.

Zug correspondence with photocopies

Three Zug Brothers, a few photocopy pages

Only a Twig, a few pages

Royer family with Zug, Frantz, and Garst

Printout by Lorraine re Ulrich Zug descendants

Stacks of papers