Frantz family–a broad picture

On 22 April 2017, Lorraine Frantz Edwards was questioning where to place scanned information (on which “shelf”). The topic “Frantz family–a broad picture” was created. As the scanning progressed, the growing concern: “Where to store the information.” Subsequent to above comment, many headings have been created and it is a constant nagging question “Where to store the information.”  Reader, please don’t despair, check another heading! Furthermore, to make it simpler to locate, sometimes the information was “shelved” in two locations. (LFE, 16 May 2017)

Elizabeth Miller Lane with Frantz Families in Clark and Montgomery Counties Ohio

Evelyn Rosemary Frantz information dated 24 Aug 1987

Floyd and Kathryn Garst Mason correspondence dated 18 Jan 1988