Immigrant Michael Frantz

The “Home” page was originally dedicated to documentation of information regarding Immigrant Michael Frantz and his descendants. However, more and more information is conveniently documented here. Check both locations.

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This Is My Heritage an excellent history explaining the background that prompted Michael Frantz (and collateral line families) to emigrate to the new world.

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Sailing ship

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The Emigration Year of 1738–Year of the Destroying Angels ~~ Just a few keystrokes away; here it is from the Internet: Year of the Destroying Angels-1738

Michael Frantz signature on ship Molly 30 Sep 1727

The Three Frantz Brothers

Ephrata, A History, mentions Michael Frantz #1 an excellent book

Writings of Michael Frantz

Lorraine Frantz Edwards must admit that she did not know the exact identity of the several men named Michael Frans/Frantz in the eight links directly below. Truthfully, the several… may be uniquely different men (sons of Baltzar, Christian and Michael.)

Patent to Michael Frans, typed transcript, original, and handwritten copy, too

Patent information

AA, Vol 3, p. 298 as referred to by Dore M. Frantz

East Calico Township Warrant Map



Little Swatara Church of the Brethren

Early Life of the Pennsylvania Germans by A. Monroe Aurand, Jr., 1946

Lorraine Frantz Edwards notes regarding many men with Frantz surname

Memorandum kept by Christian Bomberger plus published information regarding the early Church

In German, the original records detailed in the Memorandum kept by Christian Bomberger

History of the Church of the Brethren of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania  Not in the order written, and published, but arranged my Lorraine Frantz Edwards to read with specifics regarding the Frantz family and collateral lines.

Harry Warner Frantz research dated 22 Mar 1949

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Caleb Frantz letter dated 8 Jul 1988, to Hazel Frantz Turner in Gladys Royer files

From Gladys Royer dated 19 Nov 1998

From Gladys Royer dated 27 Aug 2000

From Gladys Royer files dated 3 Sep 2000

Frantz families in Germany from Gladys and Dale Royer, dated 24 Nov 2000

Emigrants, Refugees and Prisoners books by Richard Warren Davis

Foreign Immigrants into Pennsylvania 1727-1775 book by William Henry Egle

The Mennonite Immigration to Pennsylvania book by C. Henry Smith

European Research Frantz in Evelyn Rosemary Frantz files

Frantz – Lancaster, Dauphin, Lebanon, Berks in Evelyn “Rosemary” Frantz files

6 generations before Michael Frantz   No documentation!! What was the source?? Loren Frantz (1932-  ) is a “cousin” on the same branch of the tree (brother of Hazel Frantz Turner who supplied valuable information). Loren probably did research BUT Lorraine Frantz Edwards would like documentation of those ancestors.

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Michael Frantz descendants in Evelyn Rosemary Frantz files  All this information in one file folder and most (if not all) appear to be descendants. With Rosemary’s strange filing system, some of the documented individuals may be descendants of Immigrant Christian Frantz.

“In the old days” a great deal of research was done by Frantz family historians. We are indebted to Gladys Cool Royer for her careful examination of records.  Fondly remembering Gladys Irene Cool Royer (1930-2008).

Our Frantz Family by Gladys Royer dated March 1992

Michael Frantz and descendants from Gladys Royer files dated 30 Aug 2000

Very valuable correspondence between several researchers

More from Gladys Royer files

Questions seeking an answer

“Mine” and “Yours” from Gladys Royer files

Gladys Royer research shared in 1992 ~~ Quite possibly duplicate information but Lorraine Frantz Edwards doesn’t want to overlook, or ignore, valuable research material.

Ephrata Cloister brochure

Ephrata, A History published by The Pennsylvania German Folklore Society

Unsolved Mystery published in Mennonite Family History, October 1992

“In the old days” a great deal of research was done by Frantz family historians. We are indebted to James “Arthur” Shanks (1914-2008) for his careful examination of records. The reader needs a familiarity with these families and patience to appreciate the depth of the details. The information (below) appears in three (3) locations (Immigrant Christian Frantz, Immigrant Michael Frantz and Michael Frantz/France). It is particularly valuable to establish the ancestry of Michael Frantz/France of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. See Frantz Families–Kith & Kin, Vol. 1, p. 69.

Arthur Shanks research regarding several men named Michael Frantz

Lorraine Frantz Edwards has to confess that she is still a researcher at heart. Below, you can read a story written by Floe Frantz. “Who was Floe Frantz?” I tried to determine lineage as far back as 1992. Today (18 April 2017), I searched and traced backwards and established the lineage of her husband, Samuel Leslie Frantz. (He’s on my branch of the “family tree.” Check Frantz Families–Kith & Kin, Vol 3, pp. 11, 40, 84.)

The Daughter of a Blacksmith by Floe Frantz

Correspondence regarding identity of Floe Frantz

Lineage established


John Landis barn where Michael Frantz “laid the rail.”