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To paraphrase an old hymn “When we all get to Heaven…,” Lorraine Frantz Edwards says “When I get to Heaven I want to sit down with genealogy friends and family.” (So we can “fill in the blanks.”) It is her prayer that Immigrant Michael Frantz will be with Saint Peter at the “Pearly Gate.”

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Lowell Harvey Beachler (1931-2015)

Tom Beardsley (1921-2007)

Lester Binnie

Maxine Blickenstaff (1921-2013)

Rosa Brovont (1924-    )

Marwin Eugene Brubaker (1917-2002)

Bob & Ruth Eby

Sarah “Bernice” Deeter Eller (1906-2001)

Dore M. Frantz (1880-1948)

Evelyn “Rosemary” Frantz (1921-2013)

Alvin K. Funderburg (1916-2014)

Ellen “Louise” Larick (1911-2009)

Muriel Onkst (1924-2014)

Ruth Rhinehart (1920-1999)

Keith E. Ross (1909-1994)

Gladys Royer (1930-2008)

James “Arthur” Shanks (1914-2008)

Hazel Frantz Turner (1925-2001)

Crystal “Pauline” Walters

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