Carl Albert  Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Frank Frantz, Governor of Oklahoma Territory. ~~ Check the comment near the bottom of page Frank Frantz mentioned on a page from Evelyn Rosemary Frantz files. ~~ Read this very interesting Wikipedia article. ~~ Yet another….

Harry W.. Frantz, correspondent

Jill Eikenberry, on TV, L.A. Law 

Joe B. Frantz, Texas Highways, etc.

John Frantz, Frantz Oil Filter

Received this information in an email message: Just thought I’d pass along some trivia since unsure if you are already aware it. Probably some quasi-famous people in your family tree and unsure if you ever saw the TV show Castle on CBS, but the lead role is played by Canadian actor Nathan Fillion who is also a great-great-great-great grandson of Christian Frantz and Mary Garst mentioned within your research. Just passing that along.

Out of curiosity, on 24 Sep 2017, Lorraine did a thorough Google search for Nathan and posted the information on her Ancestry family tree. Hopefully, eventually, “climbing his family tree” will lead to Christian Frantz. At this date, very little ancestry information available on Ancestry. ~~ Statistics: Nathan Christopher Fillion, born 27 Mar 1971 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His parents: Robert and Cookie (Early) Fillion.

Richard Bernard “Red” Skelton  is a “shirt tail relative.”  Time is too precious to spend time documenting that branch of the tree. (Time is too precious for Lorraine Frantz Edwards. It’s 20 May 2017 and many more boxes of information to scan for this library.)