Michael Frantz / France in Kentucky

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We are indebted to James “Arthur” Shanks (1914-2008) for his exhaustive research into the several men named Michael Frantz in Botetourt County, Virginia. I am indebted to Tom Beardsley (1921-2007) for sharing with Lowell Beachler (1931-2015), and Lowell later shared with me (Lorraine Frantz Edwards). ~~ Although no such identification (I, II, III, IV), this was the great-grandson of Immigrant Michael Frantz. Arthur Shanks researched material identifies one Michael as a descendant of Immigrant Christian Frantz. ~~ See Frantz Families–Kith & Kin, Vol. 1, p. 69.

Description regarding pages from Tom Beardsley

Arthur Shanks research regarding several men named Michael Frantz

Adam Shank query in Evelyn Rosemary Frantz files

Botetourt County, Virginia

Botetourt County, Virginia, marriages with Frantz, Kish (Gish), Stover, Shanks in Evelyn “Rosemary” Frantz files

Letter to Hazel Frantz Turner dated 9 Jul 1993 with printout

Letter from Diane France Hudson dated 7 Oct 1994

Correspondence to and from Arthur Shanks dated July/Aug 1993

France family information from Kathy McKarnin dated 9 Sep 1996

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Photograph (2)

Photograph (1)

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Michael France in Kentucky file folder

Lorraine’s early research

Mrs. Fred Clarenbach information dated 7 Feb 1966, etc

John Warren Jones correspondence dated 13 Jun 1992

Correspondence to and from Wilma Jean Rees

Letters to Kentucky Genealogy Society dated July 1993

Letter to Hazel Frantz Turner dated 5 Jan 1994, with printout

Diana France Hudson information dated 1994 and 1995

Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap map

Details about the Wilderness Road

Christian Gish of Virginia with valuable France family information