Inquiring minds want to know…

Sherlock Holmes searching

Lorraine Frantz is especially curious about Laura Frantz, author of several Christian romance novels. Lots of web links for Laura Frantz to be explored at a later date.

Where does Joe Bertram Frantz fit on the family tree?

Who is Stoffel Frantz with wife Magdaline?

Dr. Ben mentioned in Historical Sketch of Franklin Co., PA  Which branch of the “tree”?

Philip Frantz with unknown connection

Sabastian Frantz with unknown connection  Find him on the Geni website.

Ken Frantz and Ken Frantz Bridges to Prosperity; plus Wikipedia publishes this article about Bridges to Prosperity.  NOTE: Lorraine Frantz Edwards was so intrigued by this gentleman, she searched and traced him back to Christian Frantz IV.

Searching the Internet for information about above Ken Frantz, found this link for Kenneth Patrick Frantz. Who?

Yet another Ken Frantz and it appears he lives less than an hour drive from Lorraine Frantz Edwards. Another “who”?

Magnifying glass with white stick figure and black handle on magnifying glass

Hiram Amandus Frantz magazine article (unknown connection)

Hiram Amandus Frantz

Letter from Roberta Sharp dated 18 Nov 1995 regarding Isaac Frantz and Eliza Voyles

Amandus Frantz

Find them on this page. Peter Frantz was their Immigrant ancestor. More about Peter Frantz.

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On which tree?

Adrienne Frantz and this from Wikipedia and this biography

Jail Time by Michael Frantz  Who are you? Michael Frantz

David Michael Frantz

Correspondence from Deloris DelRosso dated 29 Jan 1997 ~~ On 4 Jun 2017, Lorraine Frantz Edwards checked and Deloris is a descendant of Immigrant Johan Peter Frantz (1727-1826). Find her lineage in the Ancestry Family Tree named All my lines, their lines.”

Email from Frances Smith dated 14 Nov 1996 ~~ Likewise, a search of Ancestry (4 Jun 2017) suggests this is another descendant of Immigrant Johan Peter Frantz. Check All my lines, their lines.” ~~  Please look at above two entries for “hints” only; not enough “proof” to establish lineage (imho).

What You Write is What You Are

William Frantz Elementary School

Professional genealogist brochure ~~ I wonder what my extensive documentation would have cost. Just curious. That’s a decades old brochure.

It’s complicated