In the beginning: First fifty-eight pages scanned on 10 Mar 2017.

Two thousand two hundred seventy-nine (2279) total pages scanned by late evening Wednesday 26 Apr 2017. Actually, most of the pages since 13 Apr 2017 when scanning resumed.

Inestimable number of pages scanned since 26 Apr 2017. Now Lorraine keeps her eye on the number of megabytes. Today, 15 Jun 2017, total of 5,052.51.


Sight for sore eyes in Evelyn Rosemary Frantz files  On 1 May 2017, Lorraine Frantz Edwards admires the 1979 beautiful handwriting of William R. Shelton of Columbus, Ohio.

Correspondence from and to Gerald Wagoner dated 14 Dec 1995

Letter to Lela Landes Shoup dated 20 Dec 1995

Labor Day 1996 was first time Lorraine Frantz Edwards on the Internet (That was an interesting bit of information she stumbled across on 19 May 2017.)

Among her notes, Lorraine considered writing this story: “Why are women ‘odd’ on ahnentafel charts, and why drop female lines?”