Prior to 1987, Lorraine Frantz Edwards knew very little about her ancestry. She sent letters to individuals with the Frantz surname (folks listed in The Complete Registry of the Frantzes in America). One gentleman, Loren D. Frantz (Harrisburg, PA 17112), responded (received 11 Jun 1987). Later, Milton E. Frantz, Lebanon, PA , responded to her 6 Aug 1987 letter advising her of a private publication by his sister (Hazel), his brother (Elvin), and sister-in-law (Rachel). He suggested a letter to his sister, Hazel Frantz Turner. Simultaneously, a large manila envelope arrived in the mail and it contained Michael Frantz Descendants. He must have written, or phoned, his sister advising interest and she, in turn, put a copy in the mail. The following three links are the foundation for the eventual publication of (hard copy) Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. ~~ Remembering Hazel Mae Frantz Turner (1925-2001).

Michael Frantz Descendants, a booklet dated 1982

Michael Frantz Descendants, booklet dated 1982, part two

Michael Frantz Descendants, additional information dated 1986

A wealth of information followed as Hazel and Lorraine corresponded (for many years). The visitor to this section of the digitized library may not want to wade through all the following correspondence. On-the-other-hand, there may be vital information for a descendant of David Frantz (ca1766–ca1815), son of Michael Frantz (1725-1808) and Magdalena Zug.

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Letter to Loren Frantz dated 6 Aug 1987

Correspondence to and from Milton E. Frantz dated August 1987

Letter from Rachel Frantz without a date but presumed August 1987

Hazel Frantz Turner correspondence dated 10 Aug 1987

Hazel Frantz Turner correspondence dated 1987

Correspondence to and from Caleb Frantz dated 1988

Hazel Frantz Turner letter dated 6 Aug 1988

Letter from Hazel dated 8 Sep 1988

Letter to Hazel from Lela Shoup dated 22 Nov 1988

Letter to Hazel from Lela Shoup dated 5 Dec 1988

Hazel Frantz Turner Christmas 1988 newsletter

Hazel Frantz Turner letter dated 1 Mar 1989

Letter to Lorraine from Rachel and Elvin Frantz dated 25 Oct 1990

Hazel Frantz Turner Christmas 1990 newsletter

Charts from Hazel stored with 1990 information

Printouts from Hazel dated 1 Apr 1991

Greeting cards to Lorraine

1993 Correspondence to Hazel Frantz Turner

Letter to Hazel dated 16 Apr 1993

Letter to Hazel dated 8 Feb 1994

Letter to Hazel Frantz Turner dated 8 June 1994

Letter to Rachel and Elvin dated 15 Aug 1994

Updates from Hazel dated 17 Sep 1994

Note from Hazel dated 8 Nov 1994

Letter to Hazel dated 14 Dec 1994

Letter to Hazel dated 20 Mar 1995

Letter from Hazel dated June 1995

Letter from Hazel dated 23 Jul 1995

Corrections from Rachel Hamm Frantz dated July 1995

From Hazel Frantz Turner dated 21 Nov 1995

Correspondence from and to Hazel Frantz Turner dated March 1996

Hazel Frantz Turner letter dated 25 Mar 1996

Printouts from Hazel received 5 Apr 1996

Hazel Turner letter dated 27 Apr 1996

Letter from Hazel dated 18 Jul 1996

From Hazel dated 1996

Floyd Mason printout double-checked by Hazel Frantz Turner letter dated 12 July 1996


Updates from Hazel dated 30 Aug 1997

Mrs. Fred Clarenbach information dated 7 Feb 1966, etc

Letter to Hazel Frantz Turner dated 5 Jan 1994, with printout

Stacks of papers

Jewels (2)