Immigrant Baltzar Frantz

The Three Frantz Brothers

Emigrants, Refugees and Prisoners

Evelyn Rosemary Frantz and Lorraine Frantz Edwards

At this date (26 Apr 2017), Lorraine Frantz Edwards is in the process of scanning information provided by Evelyn Rosemary Frantz. Prior to this time, she [LFE] was focused on additional Immigrant Michael Frantz information. Information not included in Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. With 20/20 hindsight, some of the information listed below should be filed on the “shelf” titled Evelyn “Rosemary” Frantz papers (above).

European Research Frantz in Evelyn Rosemary Frantz files

Frantz – Lancaster, Dauphin, Lebanon, Berks in Evelyn “Rosemary” Frantz files

Family Group Sheet for Evelyn Rosemary Frantz

Evelyn Rosemary Frantz Obituary

Below find Evelyn Rosemary Frantz Genealogy Queries in Indianapolis Star newspaper


From the wonderful world wide web: Francis Baltzar Frantz (c1695-1747)

Correspondence from and to Gloria Spanger dated Jun 1989

Correspondence from Gloria Spanger dated 5 Jul 1989

Correspondence from and to Gloria Spanger dated Mar 1990

Evelyn Rosemary Frantz Christmas 1990

Lorraine’s note about Baltzar Frantz undated but perhaps early 1990s

Valentine letter to Evelyn Rosemary Frantz dated 11 Feb 1992

Printout of Baltzar Frantz descendants dated 12 Feb 1992

Evelyn Rosemary Frantz information received 14 May 1992

Information received from Gloria Spanger dated 18 May 1992

Information to Lorraine from Mrs. Herbert Smith received 29 Jun 1992

Letter from and to Thelma L. Shope dated 21 Aug 1994

Information from Evelyn Rosemary Frantz received 29 Dec 2004

Baltzer Frantz descendant Jerry Masters dated 16 Sep 2000

Lorraine Frantz Edwards compiled information regarding Baltzar Frantz possibly prepared 2003

At this date (3 May 2017), Lorraine Frantz Edwards has completed the process of scanning information provided by Evelyn Rosemary Frantz. See the blog message titled Inquiring Minds Want to Know.