Garst family information

Garst family information from Dore M. Frantz files

Also find Garst family information in Evelyn Rosemary Frantz papers.

Letter from Betty Garst dated Jun 1998

Thank you note to Betty dated 16 Jun 1998

Christmas card dated Dec 1998 from Betty Garst

Garst information from Betty Garst dated Dec 1999  Valuable

Garst Fort information from Library of Congress

Deed Jacob Garst and his wife, Christina [Frantz] from Betty Garst

Will of Peter Frantz dated 22 July 1853 naming daughter Sally Garst as one of many heirs

Letter from Betty Garst received 1 Feb 2001

Theobald Garst chest, front

Theobald Garst chest, back and side

Look at the similarity between this chest (above) and the one reportedly owned by Immigrant Michael Frantz (below). Conceivably the Frederick Garst chest was owned by his father Immigrant Theobald Gerst/Garst (ca1702-ca1770).

Immitrant Michael Frantz chest, side and back

Immigrant Michael Frantz chest (front)

Letter S times three (2)Letter L, blue

Silly, Sentimental, Senior (Lorraine Frantz Edwards) personally saw these chests–and touched them–believing they are a tangible link to her Frantz/Garst ancestry. (Photos by Lorraine Frantz Edwards.)

Floyd and Kathryn Garst Mason undated letter with printout

Directions to Floyd and Kathy Garst Mason home

Floyd Mason list of publications

Floyd Russell Mason b. 24 Feb 1919, d. 8 Jan 2008

Katheryn Elizabeth Garst Mason, (1921-?)

Garst in Virginia

Floyd Russell Mason & Kathryn Elizabeth Garst Mason compilers and publishers of several family histories.

Floyd Mason printout double-checked by Hazel Frantz Turner

Garst information printout

Floyd Mason correspondence dated Dec 1996

Correspondence with Karen Bolinger dated Apr May 1999

Garst Museum

Family group sheets and letter from Jane Bailey dated 9 Oct 2000

Joe Edward Garst researching Garst in 1986

Printout from David Byron Ratliff dated 5 Mar 1998 ~~ Very valuable resource