Immigrant Christian Frantz

Immigrant Christian Frantz

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The Three Frantz Brothers

Emigrants, Refugees and Prisoners

European Research Frantz in Evelyn Rosemary Frantz files

Regarding Christian Frantz I and descendants

Frantz Families of Little Swatara Creek by Dwayne Wrightsman

Jacob Meyer (ca1713-1801) and Michael Frantz (ca1726-1796) Leaders of the Little Swatara Congregation, but Were They also Brother’s-in-Law? by Dwayne Wrightsman, Mennonite Family History, Oct. 2017

Frantz – Lancaster, Dauphin, Lebanon, Berks in Evelyn “Rosemary” Frantz files

The genealogy of the Matthias Frantz family of Berks County, Pennsylvania. Researched and compiled by: E. Harold Frantz, Reuben Frantz King [and] Laura Frantz Pfautz  Index by Willard Z. Francis

Estate of Christian Frantz ~~ Photocopy of original documents with transcribed details.

Note: Of particular interest to descendants of Immigrant Michael Frantz, Willard Z. Francis authored Zug Family History (Genealogical Works of Michael Zug).

Letters from Alvin D. Frantz to George Frantz (also in Evelyn “Rosemary” Frantz papers)

A.D#1 thru #7 — Letters #1 through #7 dated 1946

A.D#8 — Letter #8 dated 1946

A.D#9 — Letter #9 dated 1947

A.D#10 & #11 — Letters #10 and #11 dated 1947

A.D. Frantz letters ’48-’50 — Letters dated 1948, 1949, 1950

Regarding Christian Frantz I repeated here because A.D. Frantz research mentioned.

Christian Frantz, and Christian Frantz Jr., is listed in the Index of Pennsylvania’s Colonial Records by Dr. Mary Dunn. She is also identified in this expansive documentation titled A Research Guide to the Pennsylvania Archives with Links to Records Online.

Unsolved Mystery published in Mennonite Family History, October 1992

Below, find the exhaustive research of James “Arthur” Shanks regarding several men named Michael Frantz in Botetourt County, Virginia. One such “Michael” was the descendant of Immigrant Christian Frantz. One was Michael Frantz/France, great-grandson of Immigrant Michael Frantz.

Arthur Shanks research regarding several men named Michael Frantz

1810 Census records for Michael Frantz

1810 Census records for Botetourt County Virginia

Michael, son of Christian Frantz III, error correction

Below, find a letter to Dore M. Frantz, dated 1941, from a Christian Frantz descendant.

Letter to Dore M. Frantz from Jacob Henry Frantz

Below, Lorraine Frantz Edwards 1993 printout of Hans Wenger descendants including marriages to Frantz family. ~~ Also exchange of email messages regarding branches of the Christian Frantz tree. ~~ I’m sharing the information BUT I’m woefully ignorant about descendants of Immigrant Christian Frantz.  My research focused on descendants of Immigrant Michael Frantz.

Hans Wenger descendants including Frantz family

Wenger, Houtz and Frantz families marriages

Wenger Family Record

Kevin Stovall correspondence regarding Wenger family

Nanci Hamilton Garhards correspondence regarding Wenger family

Letter from Caleb Frantz dated 26 Nov 1987

Helen Geist letter dated 1 Jun 1992

Dorothy Croy correspondence dated 2 Dec 1994

Correspondence from and to Patti Murray dated Nov 1995

Correspondence with Patti Murray dated Dec 1995

Correspondence from and to Ron Flick dated 4 Jul 1995

Request to purchase books from Carol Crill Russell dated 19 Oct 1996

Email correspondence with Michael Frantz dated 28 Oct 1996

Questions from Dennis Roth dated 21 Oct 1997

Email from Dennis Roth dated 10 Jan 2000 regarding Amaziah Frantz

Regarding John Spitler and Lydia Frantz, Gladys Royer letter dated 29 Dec 1997 See Frantz Families–Kith & Kin, Vol. 1, p. 79 and

Michael O. Reck correspondence regarding Abraham Urmey and Anna Frantz

Email received from Michael Reck dated 5 Dec 1997

Pauline Walters story titled My Swiss Wenger Ancestry

From Robert Farley to Evelyn Rosemary Frantz dated 20 May 1987

Evelyn Rosemary Frantz letter to Lowell Beacher dated 3 Aug 1979

From Evelyn Rosemary Frantz dated 16 Nov 1990

From Evelyn Rosemary Frantz, letter from Donald K. Bower dated 15 Sep 1987

Source unknown but stored with information received from Evelyn Rosemary Frantz

Lorraine’s note regarding Manor John Frantz undated but perhaps early 1990s

Stover, Frantz in Evelyn Rosemary Frantz files

Letter to Dore Frantz from Jacob Henry Frantz dated 11 Dec 1942

Wingfield’s Works with Frantz families

Christian Frantz descendants from Aileen Brauer received 4 May 1998

Letter from Lorraine to Geraldine Moyer dated 19 Mar 1998

Lowell Beachler letter dated 29 Jul 1998 with information about Christian Frantz families deeds and wills

Shirley Bashor Sharpe Baker ~ A Christian Frantz descendant. If you have find her at this link.

Dorothy Whitehead Croy family information dated 28 Aug 1997 ~ A Christian Frantz descendant

Laurent Frantz newspaper clipping and obituary ~~ A Christian Frantz descendant

Snell with Frantz ~~ Christian Frantz descendants

Miscellaneous Frantz research notes

Moyer and Frantz information clipped together

Moyer / Shank / Frantz question

Ken Frantz and Ken Frantz Bridges to Prosperity; plus Wikipedia’s article about Bridges to Prosperity.  NOTE: Lorraine Frantz Edwards was so intrigued by this gentleman, she searched and traced him (one generation at a time) back to Christian Frantz IV. Then Lorraine discovered that Ken and his wife have documented their families on Ancestry.

Magnifying glass with orange stick figure (1)

Loraine Frantz Fort Wayne, Indiana 1981

Greetings!! My name is Lorraine Frantz Edwards and I’m so grateful you have documented so many Frantz ancestors on your site. I’m currently working on a library with valuable information not published in Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. Visit my new library and give me your opinion. Yesterday, going through Evelyn “Rosemary” Frantz files, I found a clipping for Loraine Frantz in Fort Wayne, Indiana. So this morning I embarked on the journey to find more about that lady. First checking to see if that was her maiden name; second: tracing her husband. The information on Ancestry is fragmented; it took many searches to get to the information you have supplied. THANK YOU so much!! I will add this information to my library data base. Any additional information will be appreciated. ~~ Sincere best wishes from Lorraine Frantz Edwards in Livingston, Texas.

The ancestry determined from the search (and message posted 30 Apr 2017 on led to Christian Frantz III and Anna Groh.

James H. Frantz ancestry  (spouse of Loraine)

Dorothy “Loraine” Zeitler Frantz

Team work three people with earth in the background

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