Studebaker Family in America 1736-1976 selected pages with connections to Frantz, and collateral lines.

Newsletter, Spring 1977

Newsletter, Fall 1977

Studebakers were Brethren, Summer 1983 newsletter

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Newsletter, Summer 1979

Reunion Special Issue Summer 1991 ~~ Lorraine attended a reunion (at the Homestead) in 1996.

The Studebake Frontier Homestead

Studebaker cabin holiday greeting postcard

Letter to Emmert Studebaker, with printout, dated 21 Ju; 1994

Letter to Nat’l Assoc. dated 14 Nov 1995

Studebaker with Frantz connections from The Studebaker Family in America 1736-1986

Studebaker information from Jeri Studebaker dated 4 Feb 1998

Letter from Nat’l Assoc. (dated 19 Jun 1999) regarding plans to digitize ~~ Lorraine checked (coincidentally, 19 Jun 2017) and this link only computer connection she located.

Studebaker family info

Florence Marshall Studebaker

Snider/Snyder with Studebaker connection

Martha Frantz “filling in the blanks” ~~ Her brother, Albert, executed, in Ohio, for the murder of his sweetheart. Directly below, from Montgomery County Hauntings & Legends.

Ridge Avenue Bridge – This bridge is said to be haunted by the ghostly sounds of Bessie Little’s death. She was murdered there by her lover, Albert J. Frantz, on August 27, 1896, and thrown from the bridge. Bessie was pregnant and Albert didn’t want to marry her, so he arranged the scene to look like a suicide. Unfortunately for Albert, he shot her twice and suicide was ruled out. Albert was sentenced to death in the Ohio Penitentiary electric chair. He was executed on November 19, 1897.

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Frantz, Albert J. Frantz

Source:  Spirit of Democracy  Nov 25, 1897

It is said that the execution by electricity of ALBERT J. FRANTZ at the Ohio penitentiary Friday was a bungling affair.  The current had to be turned on five times before producing death.  Smoke and the odor of burned flesh filled the execution room.

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See Frantz Families–Kith & Kin, Vol. 2, pp. 8, 21 ~~ Their surname may be “Studebaker” but many have “Frantz” ancestry. Find many documented in Volume Two of Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. Also: Visit the Lorraine Frantz family tree on ~~ Blog message dated 25 June 2017 mentions documentation of the Studebaker family on Lorraine’s “tree” on Ancestry.\

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