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Frantz family tree, unknown branches

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Above is “unknown” but the following are other surnames on the Lorraine Frantz Family Tree.


Frederick Alderfer, another Frederick Alderfer, not my ancestor — Repeat, not an ancestor of Lorraine Frantz Edwards

Descendants of Frederick R. Alderfer Jr — LFE printout dated 1991 (poor image)


Altaffer family info and book — dated 1991 and 1992


Abraham Cassel




Hans Detweiler Family History


Portrait and Biographical Album of DeWitt and Piatt Counties, Illinois — dated 1891 regarding David Traxler

Traxler booklet prepared by unknown individual — LFE suspects prepared by Myrtle Alice (Hull) Traxler (find her in this document #96)

Ancester Chart for Elizabeth Rosenberger — Prepared by Myrtle Traxler dated 1987

Letter to Myrtle and Sam Traxler — Letter from LFE to Myrtle Traxler dated 1989

Myrtle and Sam Traxler letter — dated 1996

Myrtle & Sam Traxler 50 year anniversaryMyrtle & Sam Traxler 50 year anniversary (front of card)

Myrtle Traxler Christmas newsletter 1997

Myrtle Traxler Christmas newsletter — no date

Myrtle Traxler family group 1997Myrtle Traxler group photo 1997 reverse siide

Correspondence with Traxler cousins

Correspondence to Traxler cousins — dated 1991

Letter of inquiry to Earl Smith from Lorraine Frantz Edwards — dated 1991

Descendants of Mary Magdalene Traxler Criss — Letter dated 1991 from Earl Smith with descendant chart LFE printout attached.

Earl and Phyllis Jean Smith 1993 Christmas letter — dated 1993

Earl and Phyllis Jean Smith letter — dated 1994

Earl and Phyllis Jean Smith correspondence — dated 1996

Photo of Paul and Bonnie Smith circa 1997

Letter from Paul C. Smith with photo — dated 1997

Traxler family printouts

Family Group Sheets to Traxler family cousins — dated 1991

Traxler and collateral lines print out — dated 1991

Descendants of Mary Magdalene Traxler Criss (2) — dated 1991

Traxler obituary

From Lorraine to James and Rosemary Traxler Garvey dated 23 Dec 1996

Rosemary Traxler Garvey lengthy Obituary — dated 2004

Rosemary Traxler Garvey Obituary notice, 25 May 2004

Traxler miscellaneous

Descendants of Adam Traxler (d. 1867) — Correspondence dated 1988 from Mrs. Francis Stryker

Trexler research notes

Gene Traxler interview on NBC-Today regarding terrible floods

Floyd & Elaine (Frantz) Traxler photo & news clipping