Johann Jacob Frantz, Immigrant

Gladys Royer letters and Mabel Haworth letter

On 18 May 2017, Lorraine Frantz Edwards traced the ancestry to Immigrant Johann Jacob Frantz. Hopefully, using Ancestry.comaccessible with this link? (Frankly, Lorraine has some questions regarding dates for these individuals.)

Note: It has been forty years since Mabel Haworth wrote to Gladys Royer (and twenty years since Gladys wrote to Lorraine Frantz Edwards). The Internet, and, has made it quite simple to sit at the computer and research the “tree.” ~~ Lorraine is always eager to search with the anticipation this is another “leaf” on the Immigrant Michael Frantz or Immigrant Christian Frantz tree. This appears to be yet another immigrant: Johann Jacob Frantz (1722-1764).