Started 4 May 2017, this will be a “growing” index of individuals (and locations) as Lorraine Frantz Edwards handles their specific data. So much “background” information was collected in those early years. Living in Lancaster, California, she had no access to  Mennonite and Brethren history. During trips to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and many other communities where ancestors lived, she made numerous photocopies (for reference after she returned home). The visitor to this digitized library may, likewise, live some distance from resources so copies (of copies) might be helpful–or interesting?


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Postscript, 7 June 2017: Dozens of hours were devoted to preparation of “the index.” It is less than perfect but better than none!? This website is “homespun” by an individual without technical skills, and the website “template” has limitations. Suggestion: “Browse” the library.

Postscript, 25 June 2017: If your computer is like my computer, you need to be a magician to access a topic in “Index of Individuals & Locations.” (Weird things happen on this website that leaves Lorraine mystified.) Fortunately (as explained on the HOME page), we have the benefit of the Card File, and limited “search” features.

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