Paper dolls (2)

Letter to Bernice Eller dated 9 Mar 1987 from Lorraine Frantz Edwards

The Frantz Family compiled by Bernice Eller compiled prior to 1987

Remembering Sarah “Bernice” Deeter Eller (1906-2001)

Tom Beardsley letter dated 24 Feb 1987 (with letters from Jeff Swafford and Laurel Dankert)

Letter from Mary Varner dated 25 Aug 1990

Mrs. Aaron (Nancy) Frantz correspondence dated 1991

Marwin Brubaker correspondence dated 1991

Remembering Marwin Eugene Brubaker (1917-2002)

Descendants of John and Anna Myers Brubaker by Marwin Brubaker and Margaret Brubaker Eller  (1931-2012)

Internet Archive Open Library Brubaker Family

Wayne Frantz compiled family information which included the following Harry W. Frantz compiled family history

Wayne Frantz information transcribed by Lorraine Frantz Edwards

Wayne Frantz Flags Unlimited 1987

Harry Warner Frantz compiled family history

Thank you letter to Wayne Frantz dated 6 Dec 1986

Letter to Evelyn Rosemary Frantz dated 31 Dec 1986

Evelyn Rosemary Frantz correspondence dated 6 Jan 1987   <<<<<

Evelyn Rosemary Frantz provided the KEY information   <<<<<<<<

Key with red ribbon

Thank you letter to Evelyn Rosemary Frantz dated 12 Jan 1987

Letter from Lorraine to Evelyn Rosemary Frantz, and others, dated Thanksgiving 1988

Letter to Arthur Shanks dated 12 Jan 1987

Letter to Lowell Beachler dated 12 Jan 1987

Evelyn Rosemary Frantz correspondence received 7 Mar 1987

Evelyn Rosemary Frantz correspondence dated 2 Mar 1987 part two

Evelyn Rosemary Frantz correspondence part three

Evelyn Rosemary Frantz information dated 24 Aug 1987

Information received from Evelyn Rosemary Frantz dated 24 Aug 1987 (duplicate?)

Information received from Gloria Spanger dated 18 May 1992

Letter from George Heeter dated 15 Sep 1987

Anna L. Tomlinson letter dated 29 Oct 1987

Letter from Caleb Frantz dated 26 Nov 1987

Letter from Alfred A. Mueller with my other correspondence dated early 1987

Letter from Lowell Beachler dated 22 Sep 1988

Letter from Ken Choate dated 7 Nov 1988

Letter from Lela Landes Shoup dated 24 May 1989

Letter to Samuel E. Wenger dated 9 Jul 1990

Teresa Frantz correspondence dated 8 Apr 1991

Correspondence with Harlan J. Brooks Jun & Aug 1991  A search of did not reveal Frantz ancestry (but many collateral lines surnames). However, his wife, Ruth Elizabeth Forney (1896-1989) has Frantz ancestry and Lorraine Frantz Edwards is a fourth cousin one time removed. The Forney, and Brooks, family is well represented in the LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions book researched and published by Lorraine Frantz Edwards (1989). ~~ There’s a “cousin” relationship between Harlan Jesse Brooks and Myra Alice Brooks Welch but LFE stopped searching (after a couple of hours). Myra Brooks Welch wrote the beautiful poem The Touch of the Master’s Hand. ~~ Harlan Brooks’ death

Ziegler and Younker dated Jun 1991 from Ethel Hollinger

Linda Miller correspondence 1991, 1992

From Keith Mason dated 29 Feb 1992

Correspondence with Clif Frantz dated 13 Apr 1992

Frantz Reunion 16 Aug 1992 with letter to attendees from Lorraine Frantz Edwards dated 31 Jul 1992

Keith Curl correspondence dated 29 Jun 1993

Correspondence in response to story in Mennonite Family History Jan 1994

Letters to and from L.L. McIntire dated 1994

Letter from Rosa Brovont dated 19 Jan 1995

From Beverly Cayford dated 21 Feb 1995

Letter from and to Carol Schmalenberger dated Feb and Mar 1995

Letter from Jean Welty Frantz dated 13 May 1995

Letter from David Blocker dated 28 Nov 1995 Descendant of Henry Brubaker and Elizabeth Frantz

Correspondence from & to Linda & Denton Miller dated Dec 1995

Correspondence with Laurel Herminghausen dated Dec 1995

Letter from Laurel Herminghausen dated 16 Jan 1996

Letter from Lorraine to “cousin Wendy dated 28 Dec 1995

From and to Geri Riffel dated Dec 1995 and Jan 1996

From and to George R Rees dated Dec 1995 and Jan 1996

Letter from and to Paul Frantz dated Jan 1996

Letter from Laurel Leonard McIntire dated 18 Jan 1996

Letter from Gladys Royer dated 3 Feb 1996

From Lowell Beachler dated 16 Feb 1996

From and to Mary Mason dated March 1996

From Tom Beardsley postmarked 27 Mar 1996

From and to Carol Boyer dated Apr 1996

Letter from Carol Younker Boyer dated 30 Apr 1996

Letter to Dore Frantz Jr. dated 20 May 1996

Letter to Caleb Frantz dated 7 Jun 1996

Letter to Martha Compleman dated 18 Jul 1996

Correspondence from and to Lawrence Crist Sep 1996

From Lorraine to Anita Mott dated 20 Oct 1996

Carol Albrecht comment on genealogy bulletin board dated 12 Nov 1996

Michael O. Reck printout of ancestry dated 13 Nov 1996

Letter and picture from Linda Wells dated Jan 1997  ~~ Portrait of .Ruth Frantz

Correspondence with Linda Wells dated Jan and Feb 1997

Ruth Frantzjpg

Letter to Robert and Ruth Eby dated 23 Jul 1997

Correspondence with Indiana cousins dated August 1997 (revised)

Alvin K Funderburg letter dated 22 Dec 1996

Letter from Alvin K. Funderburg dated 30 Aug 1997

Letter to Ted and Dottie Flora dated 5 Nov 1997

Letter from and to Kris Kerlin dated Oct 1998

From Gladys Royer dated 6 Apr 1999

From Nina Herzog postmarked 21 Mar 2000

From Lorraine to Martha, dated 18 Sep 2000

From Alice Mae Haney received 16 Dec 2000

Only selected correspondence listed above–from two notebooks, each two inches thick, full of exchange of information. Correction: As time progressed, copies of letters added from folders of previously unprocessed correspondence.