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Early in April 2017, the shelves of this library were bare. Lorraine Frantz Edwards was diligently attempting to create a website. Read the blog message Sorting it out as she told about her approach to this new project. In March, she was documenting the early approach and labeled one message Crazy Maker.

Library book shelves empty

On Saturday, April 8, 2017, Lorraine was searching for the route required to add scanned information into this website. She was totally “in the dark” and thought a flashlight was an amusing image regarding her search.

Emergency flash light

Fortunately, by Wednesday, April 12, 2017, Lorraine had discovered the appropriate tools and had embarked on this adventure. Hopefully the reader will discover jewels as s/he opens this treasure chest of information.

Treasure chest

If you are reading this in early to mid-2017, you are encouraged to return from time to time. It may require a year to scan the material stored in thirty boxes.

Check my blog message on April 14, 2017 for comments about the process.

12858038-good-news,-surrounded-by-colorful-stars-over-white-background (1)

Breaking news: Monday, April 24, 2017, 8:00 PM. “Search engines” have found this website!! Lorraine regularly “tests” Google… and was thrilled when Immigrant Michael Frantz and Immigrant Christian Frantz rated high on a “digitized library” search.

Hallelujah in blue lettersCartoon lady dancing in celebration

Screaming headlines wonderful breaking news: Friday, May 26, 2017. An enormous amount of information has successfully been added to “the library” in the last month. The surnames, and locations, were (are) unwielding under the subheading titled “Indexed Individuals & locations.” There was a nagging question in the mind of your librarian: “There ought to be a way to create an Index alongside the documentation.” Today (after hours of frustration with the unsatisfactory index), the feature was discovered. Humorously, it’s a “widget.” Now it is much easier for the visitor to peruse the “sidebar” for desired information?!

Armchair research (2)This project has become a remarkable adventure for “the librarian.” Building the website “from scratch” was a challenge for an eighty-two year old lady!!

Good news bad news

Many boxes of data await time and attention!!

~ ~ ~ ~

Memorial Day Monday, May 29, 2017 and another “Hallelujah.” If a “widget” could create an Index alongside the documentation, could a “search” feature be added?? Yes, yes, yes!! “Search” does not take you to the exact person but takes you to locations where that name is listed. Secondly, if a “widget” could create “search,” could a “card file” be created?? Yes, yes, yes!! This is, indeed, a “memorial day.” The value of this library increased immeasurably!!

~ ~ ~ ~

Library Welcome friends to the library

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Treasure chest gems

Immigrant Baltzar Frantz

Please check the separate heading (above) for details about the descendants of Immigrant Baltzar Frantz.

Immigrant Christian Frantz

Please check the separate heading (above) for details about the descendants of Immigrant Christian Frantz.

Immigrant Michael Frantz

Stacks of papers

Our Frantz Family by Gladys Royer dated March 1992

The Michael Frantz Chest published in Mennonite Family History, July 1992

Immigrant Michael Frantz chest (front)

Immitrant Michael Frantz chest, side and back

Suggestion: See the pictures of a similar chest owned by Frederick Garst (1752-1842). Check the link to Garst Family Information.

Very valuable information provided by Dwayne Wrightsman: The Unabridged Story about Marie StatthalterThis relates to the Garst family documented in Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. (Our Garst Family in America: Revised is another resource but Lorraine searched the book [cover to cover] and was  unimpressed.) FYI: Lorraine is very impressed with everything Dwayne Wrightsman has researched and published!

Valuable correspondence to and from Lorraine Frantz Edwards

Correspondence beginning Frantz research

Dore M. Frantz Correspondence

DMF: b. 3 Feb 1880, d. 29 Jun 1948

Dore M. Frantz letter to Elvin Frantz — dated March 1947

Dore M. Frantz letter to Mr. LaVern Houtz — dated 1941

Frantz Family in Wabash County — Newspaper article, date unknown

Early Frantz Marriages in Virginia — prepared by Dore M. Frantz

Dore M. Frantz photosDore M. Frantz family

Hazel Frantz Turner Correspondence

HFT: b. 27 Dec 1925, d. 6 Mar 2001

Letter from Hazel Frantz Turner — no date, probably 1990s — For a massive amount of valuable information via correspondence with Hazel, you are directed to click on “Bonanza” (above in the header).

Lowell Beachler correspondence

LHB: b. 4 Feb 1931, d. 12 Jul 2015

Correspondence with Lowell Beachler — dated 1987

Letter from Lowell Beachler dated 11 Feb 1987

Lowell Beacher letter dated 22 Sep 1988 with Blocher Reunion information

Lowell Beachler and family circa 1989

Thomas J. Beardsley correspondence

TJB: b. 27 Feb 1921, d. 20 Jul 2007

Letter to Thomas J. Beardsley dated 12 Jan 1987

Thomas J. Beardsley correspondence received 27 Feb 1987

Thomas J. Beardsley correspondence dated 20 Mar 1987

Librarian chat

You have a question? “Why is Dore M. Frantz, Lowell H. Beacher, and Thomas J. Beardsley on the ‘Home’ page and not with correspondence?” Answer: They provided vitally important resources for Frantz family information and (imho) deserve a prominent position in this library.


 Computer with books

I love clip art

Picture worth thousand words

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