Buyer beware

Have you heard the expression Caveat emptor? Decades ago, the mail was flooded with invitations to buy our surname history. My Uncle Ralph Frantz purchased one such book listed below as “bad news.” I (Lorraine Frantz Edwards) photocopied the book in May 1988, and wrote to many of the individuals because I was seeking Frantz family information. There was a limited response. Likewise my mother purchased a volume with a very attractive hard cover binding but essentially vague information with sixty-one pages of Frantz individuals names and addresses. ~~ Click this link for reinforcement of my biased opinion.

Genealogical and Historical Sketch of The Name and Family of Fran(t)z, France  Copyright 1984 ~~ This book contains some accurate information about the families I have focused on and I list it as “good news.”

The Complete Registry of the Frantzes in America Copyright 1984 and “bad news.” Note: It takes a long time to load this file.

The Frantz Family Heritage Book Copyright 1981 and (imho) “bad news.” Note: I did not photocopy this book.