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Marshall Frantz b. 21 Aug 1904 according to one record (from Evelyn “Rosemary” Frantz files) but obviously wrong when man by the same name wrote about his experience with the Civil War. This needs more research. Check this site. During a web search, Marshall was identified with this book but Lorraine did not find specific information. Lots in about Marshall Petty Frantz (1840-1900). ~~ Maybe Robert Marshall Frantz son of John Marshall Frantz?? ~~ Lorraine Frantz Edwards has been “chasing rabbits” for hours trying to identify this family. The page from Rosemary says “John Frantz started town of Roanoke, Woodford County, Illinois” and (indeed) a John Frantz and several other Frantz names are mentioned here.

Marshall Frantz in Evelyn “Rosemary” Frantz files (Truthfully, Rosemary did not give a birth date. Lorraine got the date by searching “Marshall Frantz, Mag[azine] Illustrator in Roanoke, Virginia.”) ~~ Speculation: **If** all the individuals on the sheet of paper are from the same “tree” then they are descendants of Immigrant Christian Frantz. I’m basing that on the fact that Frank Frantz, Governor of Oklahoma Territory, was a Christian Frantz descendant.

It is almost midnight, 13 May 2017, and Lorraine Frantz Edwards has been searching for details about “Marshall” Frantz for more than eight hours. It was such a challenge she couldn’t walk away!! Many searches of There are some hints but nothing “set in concrete” yet.

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Marshall Frantz – Original Magazine Story Illustration (1946). Marshall Frantz was an accomplished illustrator whose work appeared in many of the national publications. This image accompanied a story in the January, 1946 issue of Tab, and was possibly titled, Navy Wife. It is expertly rendered in gouache on board, measures 18 x 22, and is signed lower right. The tape residue along the edges of the image is the remnant of the publisher’s crop marks.

Marshall Frantz illustration

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It is well past twelve noon, 14 May 2017, and time to resume the scanning project. Too many hours devoted to this search and no solid answer. Some sources list a man named Marshall Frantz from Russia, another has a Marshall Frantz with Jewish ancestry. This has been  a challenge; I’ve never run into a brick wall like this before. To my credit, I did manage to identify almost all the other individuals on the “poorly documented” page. Skip down below this image for the documented individuals.

Photograph (1)

Lorraine Frantz Edwards is embarrassed to admit the number of hours dedicated to identifying the individual names on typewritten page.

Picture of hand drawn family chart

Searchable Hand drawn family chart  On, all of the individuals were located and documented. Above is a rough chart.

Marshall Frantz family outline

Searchable Marshall Frantz family outline  On the typewritten page (above), it says “Marshall Frantz – Mag illustrator in Roanoke, Virginia, … John’s great-nephew.”  

Conclusion: The attractive illustration (above, dated 1946) could not be this Robert Marshall Frantz because he (Robert Marshall) died in 1926. (I won’t delete because it was an interesting part of the search.)

Search Lorraine Frantz Family Tree database for more information on that family. Marshall Petty Frantz (1842-1900).


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Marshall Frantz mentioned in email, Bulletin Board message regarding Martin and Frantz family, dated 21 Nov 1996 ~~ Lorraine could not overlook the addition of this tidbit of information. Possibly just another man named Marshall?